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Slipstick Castor Cups

Completely stopped my bed from slip sliding away. Perfect solution for that pesky run-a-way furniture. I tried every homemade remedy first to no avail. This is a great little invention.

K. McClureNew Mexico, USA.

These are great for bed frames! They really do grip to the hardwood nicely without using any adhesive and so far look like they will really protect my hard wood from scratching…

Great invention… well worth the money to protect your floors!

S. EvansCedarville, CA, United States.

These are awesome! I put one on my bed and my bed was hard to move with just one. I don’t think it is going anywhere with 4 on them! They are not flimsy plastic. These are made to last!

J. MarkowtizBoston, MA, USA.

Slipstick Castor Wheels

I use these wheels on my chair for hardwood floors. Work’s excellent, as long as you keep your floors clean. I had to use plastic wheels, because I was waiting for these in the mail, they were horrible, I was so glad to get these.

Tina PaulAntioch, CA, United States

We recently installed tile in our dining area and needed soft rollers for our chairs. These are exactly what we were looking for. They went on the chairs quite easily and they don’t leave any marks or ridges in the floor. They were a decent price and have worked great for us. Our chairs get heavy use, as we have 3 children and we eat 3 meals a day together as well as homework, projects and games. I would recommend this product.

Kris S.Eau Claire, WI, United States

If you what to keep your floors cuff free use these Slipstick rubber caster these are great, and your chairs will roll nice and smooth through your floors also.

J. GomezNew York, United States

Slipstick Sliders

I put laminated wood floor in my dining area, and I was afraid my (cheapish) chairs were going to scratch it. I tried the stick-on type of felt sliders, and they fell off in weeks. I ordered these from Amazon, they arrived in days, and they fit perfectly. It’s been a year, and I’m really happy with the results. Not a scratch to be seen.

MTSan Diego, California, United States.

I’ve tried all sorts of sliders for our kitchen chairs, and these are the best because they work great for chairs with angled legs. They install securely, and look nice.

ScottNew Jersey, United States.

So far we are happy with the slider feet that we ordered to protect our wood floor in our new house. I haven’t noticed any marks or scratches, and the chairs slide easily…We hosted a party and didn’t see any signs of damage afterward–I’d say that’s a true test!

GoldieWest Michigan, United States.

After having years of scratched wooden floors after trying felt, cork, carpet and rubber on the bottom of my wooden chairs, I finally found your product on a friend’s chairs.
Her wooden floors were older than mine and not a scratch. I have put them on all of my 14 wooden chairs and was so happy with them I decided to put them on the lounge chairs as well.

ChristineNorth Maclean QLD Australia

Slipstick Grippers

They work great and help keep my furniture from denting and scratching my hardwood floors. They keep the furniture firmly planted.

ChrisUnited States

I bought one pack of these to try them out. I liked them so much have have bought additional packs.

– gives just the right amount of grip
– size fits a lot or types of furniture
– durable
– stick or screw

– much pricier than felt pads
– can’t trim them to the size of the furniture feet like you can with felt pads

J.CullenBoston, MA, United States

They worked great for my application, a table that doesn’t move (and isn’t supposed to move much). I am not a fan of tape and adhesives for mounting something like this, and I am glad I went with the larger screws. The plastic seems fairly hard, so I expect them to hold up for quite a while.

AndyWashington, United States

Slipstick Furniture Coasters

I bought these because I discovered that the laminate flooring in my apartment was being destroyed by my couches moving because people would plop down on them so hard that they would move. I had the laminate repaired and put these under all my couches and no tearing or moving around so far since then.

Zac LaffertyPhoenix, AZ, United States

We put these under the feet of our son’s bed and they work great and save our hardwood floors!

Marc BreitsprecherGrand Marais, MN, United States

These items are cheap and work exactly as described. I am absolutely happy with them. I had a terrible problem with my couches on tile floor moving with the slightest touch to them, and now with the Slipsticks I can flop onto them with no regard and they won’t budge!

SandraTucson, AZ, United States

Great product that actually delivers what the advertising promises. It has almost completely immobilized a very heavy bed on very slippery tiles.

Peter S.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Slipstick Furniture Risers

They are non-slip and seem quite sturdy and the bed doesn’t shift unless you make it (my beds against the wall so I have moved it a little to put on new sheets). Overall, I think its a really great product I’d recommend and worth the money.

Angela T.Saco, Maine, United States

Liked these risers because they were only 3 inch which was hard to find. I only wanted to raise the bed a small amount. Heavy duty!

Linda DutchessCA, United States

Adds height, prevents scratches on wood floor and keeps bed in place. Easy to use. It even matches the color scheme of the room!

Illiona CoreusUnited States

Perfect – these gave me the extra storage space I needed under my bed and they are sturdy enough to hold my bed up with me in it!

Michel McNallyUnited States

Slipstick Furniture Movers

The Slipstick furniture movers have saved my back and make pushing heavy furniture around the house a breeze. Plus there are no scratches on our freshly polished floorboards!

AndreaUnited States

Slipstick Felt Protectors

Good price, Great unit. They are designed to be changed regularly so if you want them to be on forever and never changed then don’t buy them. If you want to save your floors these are great. They don’t come off when used on chairs that you use on a regular basis so take a chance and get them.

Mark DewittUnited States

I just had my hardwood floors refinished throughout my house and was told to make sure the bottoms of all furniture had felt before moving it back in place. These bulk disks are perfect. I only wish the kit contained multiple sizes for those pieces that require a larger diameter. Otherwise, plenty to get the job done!

T. ChapmanSimsbury, CT, United States

Works very well for dining room table and chairs. Has protected our hard maple floors very well, would definitely recommend if you are looking for a simple way to protect your expensive floors.

DoodleWestern Illinois, United States